What is the Best Composite for Your Deck?

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Rosewood Decking

Reddish brown with dark streaks

Fine to medium grain texture

Aspen Decking

Colour range from greyish to olive brown.

Fine to medium texture

Ipe Decking

Coloured from olive to dark/blackish brown

Acorn Decking

Medium to dark brown, with occasional streaks.

Fine to medium grain texture.

How to identify the best composite option

To get the best composite decking, it is important to know a bit about the product you’re considering. As composites are a manufactured decking product, there is a wide range of qualities in how they are constructed. Selecting a good quality composite, can give you a deck that lasts for 25 years or more, with little to no maintenance.

A good quality composite will provide superior results in terms of colour fastness, structural stability and scratch resistance. When buying composites, we recommend to read the associated warranty carefully, and compare it with the warranties offered by Deck-Max. If you do this, it will be quickly evident whether or not you’re comparing with similar products.

Did you know?

Deck-Max also has a quality range of hardwood timber options.

To see our range of hardwood decking, click here.

The best composite decking to install

With elegant timber grain, Deck-Max provides composites that are also easier to install. Each board is pre-grooved for faster installation with hidden fixings, which eliminate the need for the surface fixings evident in many decks.

This allows the coating of your boards to remain uncompromised, which gives you an enduring high quality decking surface, that is screw and nail free.

The fixed lengths (4.9m) of the boards, also assist in more efficient decking installations, allowing you to plan more exactly and install faster. Our decking specialists can also assist with creating the plans for your deck and supplying the decking, fixings and tools to make the installation as effective and efficient as possible.

Especially if you’re new to installing decks with hidden fasteners, or decking in general, our team will provide you with valuable guidance and support to ensure you can build the best possible deck for your requirements. Should you wish to have your deck installed for you, our pro-builder network give you access to experienced, high quality installers, to build your deck for you. For details, simply contact us using the form below.

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