Keys To Maximise The Value of Your Composite Deck

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How to ensure your composite deck provides the best value

Adding the right composite deck to your Melbourne home can greatly contribute to your outdoor lifestyle.

To ensure you get the very best value and the right solution for your deck, there are a couple of key things you should know about how to select your composite options.

Keys To Getting the Best Composite Deck

Ensure you use a quality composite

The technology for composites has dramatically improved over the years, providing good options from suppliers such as Deck-Max. Unfortunately, there are a number of big companies selling older technology composites in Australia, which lack both the quality and warranties to provide a suitable long term solution in our climate.

The issue with lower quality composite products

The problem with lower quality composites is that they are prone to scratching, fading and have poor structural stability. During wet and dry periods, they have large expansion and contraction, creating a number of stability and fixing issues. These products are typically made with unsuitable recycled plastics, soft wood and/or rice husk.

When selecting your decking, we recommend that you read the warranties to ensure they warrant against the above mentioned problems.

Why are the composites sold by Deck-max different?

At Deck-Max, our composites are made in the USA, using a construction that is a little like a golf ball.

There is a hard casing on the outside, with a solid core centre. This gives the composite maximum structural stability.

The decking also provides hard cased surface that is guaranteed against fading and scratching, preserving the elegance of its timber texture, dual colouration and natural feel under foot

Quality hidden fastening solution

Composites supplied by Deck-Max are grooved in both sides to enable use with our secret fixing solution. This enables a stronger and faster installation, without impeding on the elegance of the finish with surface fixings.

Hidden fastenings also ensure you maximise the safety of your decking, as there are never any exposed nails that could cause issues over time. Combined with the non-slip finish, this provides further advantages to installations around pools and similar areas, where bare foot traffic is common.

To find out more about your fastening options, check out the hidden fasteners page or enquire here to talk with one of the team.

Installation options

For the installation of your selected composite decking, you have a few options… do it yourself, or have it done for you.

If you’re doing the installation, either as DIY project or as a professional builder using secret fixings for the first time, Deck-Max can assist with the right advice and demonstration videos.

Professional builders/carpenters, can also gain additional support through our Pro-Builder program.

To have your installation done for you, Deck-Max has specialist installers in your area to ensure your deck is built professionally and efficiently. To find a Deck-Max installer in your area, click here.

One of the advantages with installing composites, is that due to the lack of coating needed, once installed, your deck is ready for immediate use.

Your quality decking solution

To ensure the very results from your decking project, Deck Max is here to help.

Our decking specialists are ready to assist with all the requirements from initial planning to ongoing care. So whether you’re embarking on a first time DIY project, or have designed and built hundreds of decks, for the best result for your composite or timber deck, contact the Deck-Max team now.

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