Deck-Max Are The Nail Free Decking Specialists

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A deck that is nail free, so it’s safe for your feet…

…With an elegant, non-slip surface that doesn’t fade or splinter.


The Deck-Max hidden fastening solution

You can avoid the pain of exposed nails or screws, with the Deck-Max hidden fastening solution. This is available both with our range of composite and hardwood decking options.

Using the Deck-Max secret fastening systems, your deck will be safer for the feet of you and your family. By avoiding the need for surface fixings, your deck surface is uninterrupted by potential hazards or damage to the decking surface.

This enables you to enjoy a timber deck that is unspoilt by the many screws and nails that are visible on traditional decking.

All you’ll see is your beautiful timber deck

How does nail free decking work?

Nail-free composite decking is achieved by using pre-grooved composite boards and specialised brackets that connect to the subframe.

This keeps your deck free of surface fixings, for a superior decking finish.

Why get nail free decking?

No more popped boards

If you’ve ever tripped over a raised board, you’ll know how annoying and painful this is. Going nail free will help keep your deck level and smooth.


Up to 400% stronger than using nails or screws. Through our patented system, you benefit from fixings that deliver superior fastening strength.

Avoid the risk of cracked boards

Drilling or hammering nails through boards can lead to cracking, making your board unusable. Now you can eliminate this risk.

It looks better

With hidden fastenings, your view of your deck is unspoilt by unsightly screws or nails.

For a deck that looks better, lasts longer and is safer for you and your family,

contact Deck-Max today to discuss your nail free decking options.

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