Quality Composite Decking with a 25 year guarantee

Guaranteed stain and fade resistance, with quality you can rely on. Contact a decking specialist

Enjoy quality composite decking made in the USA and perfectly suited to Melbourne conditions.

Unlike lower grade composites that are prone to expansion and contraction, these composites maintain structural stability through their solid core design.

Quality and elegance for 25 years guaranteed!

What are the advantages of quality composite decking?

There are a number of instances where composite decking is a good alternative to hardwood decking. Instances where composites are a particularly favourable option include:

Close to ground installations

…where insufficient ventilation could cause issues with timber decking options. Composite decking from Deck-Max is also mould and insect resistant, creating a more durable, longer lasting deck.

Marine and poolside locations

…where constant water exposure, along with salts can shorten the life of many timber decking options. The non-slip properties of quality composite decking also provides an advantage for these applications.

Locations requiring lower maintenance

Your composite decking doesn’t require any coating, making it particularly suitable for areas that need immediate access after installation, such as public access areas. It is also ideal for those who prefer not have to worry about periodic re-coating/oiling of their decking.

At Deck-Max, we can provide you with composite decking that carries guaranteed peace of mind, with 25 years or more of maintenance free enjoyment.


Naturally elegant decking that stays classy over time.

Created to guarantee a quality environment

As you build your ideal environment, Deck-Max is proud to be able to provide composite decking that is committed to a quality environment for us all.

Built using sustainable construction methods, and making use of recycled content, Deck-Max composites carry a green tick approval for environmentally sound manufacturing. In addition, the decking is 100% recyclable, ensuring that every in every way, they contribute to a better environment before, during and after their life as your quality decking solution.

Have questions about composites?

To discuss your decking requirements and get the best options for your solution, whether it be composite or timber, the team at Deck-Max are ready to assist. Our decking specialists can help you identify the best solution and provide the assistance to get the very best deck for your requirements, with quality guarantees for your peace of mind.

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