Hidden fasteners for your deck

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Why use hidden fasteners for your composite deck?

Using hidden fasteners for your composite decking is an effective way to both improve your installation and produce a superior decking finish.

Hidden fasteners provide a reliable option to overcome many of the issues associated with traditional fastening through the boards.

When you fasten your deck using nails or screws, a number of issues are created. It takes time to pre-drill boards, and putting holes in your boards increase the risks of deterioration through rot and the like. Added to this is the risk of split boards, or later having boards or nails popping… there has to be a better way.

It was because of these issues, that Deck-Max created and sourced a range of hidden fastening solutions, for both composite and timber decks. A quality hidden fastening solution improves the appearance, strength, longevity and installation speed of your deck.


Using pre-grooved, premium quality composites, the Deck-Max hidden fastening system then attaches to the side of each board. Due to the extended attachment area, this provides a secret fixing with an impressive load rating, making it even stronger than surface fixing methods.

Available in specially designed fasteners for ends, joins and between boards, the solution further enhances installation time, by even assisting with board spacing as you install. Of course, not having to pre-drill boards is another major advantage both for the installation process and the integrity of the boards themselves.

 Beautiful decks with fixings you can’t see

How reliable are hidden fasteners from Deck-Max?

With over 8 million Deck-Max fasteners already in use, reliability is a key advantage of the fastening solutions used by Deck-Max. Drawing upon decades of industry experience, each component of your decking solution provided by Deck-Max is carefully sourced and tested.

This commitment to quality solutions has allowed us to develop quality sourcing agreements with the industry’s best suppliers. It has also paved the way for several world leading innovations that have been invented and patented by Deck-Max. Technical data on all of our products is available on request.

For any questions on installing your preferred decking material, simply contact the team and you’ll quickly see why so many engineers, builders and home owners love the quality of Deck-Max fastening solutions.

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